• CREATIVE MOVEMENT (ages 2 1/2 - 4 years)
    For our youngest student, this class explores the beginning basics in ballet and tap, touching on musicality, motor skills, and creative expression.

    INTRO TO DANCE (ages 5 & 6 years)
    While continuing to explore the elements of movement, this class focuses more on the terminology of ballet, tap and jazz, while correctly learning the movement. Barre and progressions across the floor will also start at this level, while still focusing on the enjoyment of music and performance.

    BALLET (ages 7 and up: Level I Beginner, Level I Intermediate, Level II, III, IV, and V)
    Depending on the level of your dancer, we usually progress in 2 year increments. Ballet is focused on promoting grace, coordination, flexibility and discipline. Ballet is strongly encouraged as the foundation to other dance forms. Our goal in this class is to explore body work, lines, arm placement, turnout, jumps, turns and progressions. At a more advanced level of strength and growth we will introduce pointe in this class as well.

    TAP (ages 7 and up: Level I, II, III, IV, and V)
    This technique teaches several styles and all aspects of tap. Basic Broadway style to rhythm tap, the progression of this class strictly focuses on the age and appropriate skill level of the student.

    POINTE (Level III and Up)
    Only offered to more advanced level dancers, pointe is an extension of Ballet technique and will only be explored at the discretion of the director or instructor.

    JAZZ/LYRICAL (ages 7 and up: Level I Beginner, Level I Intermediate, Level II, III, IV, and V) 
    Offered as one class.

    A fun class where you'll learn a lot, including turns, stretching, isolations, leaps, progressions across the floor and independent as well as group choreography.

    This style focuses on musicality, expression of lyrics and performance. This style is designed to teach the student how to connect body movement and lines to the music or sounds they are performing to.

    HIP HOP (ages 7 and up: Level I, II, III, IV, and V) 
    This class is an energetic class focusing in on the music video type, street style of dance. This class evolves every season as new and exciting dances are formed. Turns, jumps and leaps are done in a 'not so technical' type of way. Keep in mind that in addition to Hip Hop, a 'technique' class is strongly recommended.

    THEATRE JAZZ (ages 5 and up)
    Dance which focuses on current and past Broadway style shows and music.
    A modern dance genre either partnered or non-partnered.  Not a specific dance technique but a collection of methods developed from modern and post-modern dance.  Contemporary can take on many forms including dance fusion, emergent dance and revisionism.
    ACRO (ages 5 and up) 
    Beginning to advanced gymnastic style movement. Using mats, aerobic balls and stretching techniques, this class is fun and energetic.